Publication ethics requirements

Publication ethics requirements

  1. Duties of editors

1.1. Act in a balanced, objective and fair manner when performing their duties without discrimination on any grounds.

1.2. Articles should be considered and accepted solely on the basis of their academic merit, without commercial influence.

1.3. All complaints to investigate regardless of when was approved by the original publication.

  1. Duties of reviewers

2.1. Contribute to the decision-making process and contribute to improving the quality of published material by reviewing the manuscript in a timely manner.

2.2. Observe and maintain the confidentiality of any information provided by the editor or author. Do not save or copy the manuscript.

2.3. Warn the editor about any published or submitted material that is substantially similar to the material already under consideration.

  1. Responsibilities of the author (s)

3.1. Submit the most accurate data in the accompanying, additional documents that are submitted with the manuscript or provide access to this data at the reasonable request of the editorial Board.

3.2. Submitted manuscript should not be considered or be published in another journal.

3.3. All work in the submitted manuscript must be original.

3.4. Notify the journal editor online if a significant error was found in the publication.